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What is the Title V Maternal Child Health Needs Assessment?

  • Access to quality health care for mothers and children, especially for people with low incomes and/or limited availability of care

  • Health promotion efforts that seek to reduce infant mortality and the incidence of preventable diseases, and to increase the number of children appropriately immunized against disease

  • Access to comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care for women, especially low-income and/or at-risk pregnant women

  • An increase in health assessments and follow-up diagnostic and treatment services, especially for low-income children

  • Access to preventive and child care services as well as rehabilitative services for children in need of specialized medical services

  • Family-centered, community-based systems of coordinated care for children with special healthcare needs

  • Toll-free hotlines and assistance in applying for services to pregnant women with infants and children who are eligible for Title XIX (Medicaid

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