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About Title V

Each year in July, the Family Health Bureau prepares the Maternal and Child Health Services Title V Block Grant report and application and submits it to the Health Resources and Services Administration's Maternal Child Health Bureau. Through the Title V Program, New Mexico receives approximately 4.5 million dollars every year to fund programs for women, children and families. 

What is the Title V Maternal Health Needs Assessment ?
Every 5 years, the Title V program is required to complete a Needs Assessment to get a comprehensive understanding of the barriers that women, birthing people, and children in New Mexico face that prevent them from leading healthy lives as well as determine the factors that positively influence their lives to allow families to thrive to their fullest potential. We are committed to improving the health of the MCH population in NM and to assuring access to the delivery of quality, family-centered health care services for mothers, infants and children, including CSHCN.
Why is it so important for New Mexico?
  • Access to quality health care for mothers and children, especially for people with low incomes and/or limited availability of care
  • Health promotion efforts that seek to reduce infant mortality and the incidence of preventable diseases, and to increase the number of children appropriately immunized against disease
  • Access to comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care for women, especially low-income and/or at-risk pregnant women
  • An increase in health assessments and follow-up diagnostic and treatment services, especially for low-income children
  • Access to preventive and child care services as well as rehabilitative services for children in need of specialized medical services
  • Family-centered, community-based systems of coordinated care for children with special healthcare needs
  • Toll-free hotlines and assistance in applying for services to pregnant women with infants and children who are eligible for Medicaid
Who is responsible for distributing these funds?
The Family Health Bureau (FHB), Maternal Child Health Division of the NM Department of Health (DOH) is the home base for the Title V block grant, where the staff take the lead on the overall design of how Title V funds are used in NM. The Family Health Bureau takes the lead in preparing and submitting the Title V Block Grant yearly application/report as well as the Five-Year Needs Assessment. The MCH Title V Epidemiologist and FHB leadership within the DOH are responsible for the coordination of the grant submission, but they rely heavily on the numerous programs around the state that contribute to Title V strategies.
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