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The New Mexico Maternal Health Program’s main purpose is to assure that all pregnant people have the best possible health care, and that New Mexico’s babies have the best possible start in life.

Call for NEW Maternal Mortality Committee members

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Our Programs

The Title V grant is specifically dedicated to improving health outcomes in the maternal and child populations. In New Mexico, these federal funds are blended with state funds and program revenues to support these programs. 

What is Maternal Child Health Epidemiology?

The Maternal Child Health Epidemiology (MCHE) Department provides responsive and timely data collection, analysis, and translation to public health practitioners, while maintaining a contextual understanding of how epidemiologic methods can contribute to innovative and preventative solutions to future MCH challenges.


Are you a Parent or Caregiver?

Learn about the services and opportunities available for you and your family in New Mexico.

Are you a Provider?

Keep updated with new patient guidelines, policy changes, public health mandates for COVID-19 and Monkeypox, and maternal and neonatal outcomes


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