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New Mexico Indicator-Based Information System 

New Mexico's New Mexico Indicator-Based Information System (NM-IBIS) (IBIS) for Public Health. Outcome measures found in the IBIS System are indicators of important public health constructs. The New Mexico Department of Health regularly examines outcome measures to:

  • Track and evaluate progress toward goals.

  • Guide policy decisions, priorities and long-range strategic plans.

  • Develop, focus, and streamline data collection and reporting capacity.

  • Provide comprehensive information of New Mexico's health and health care system.


Maternal Smoking Before, During and After Pregnancy 
New Mexico PRAMS
by MCH Epidemiology, Family Health Bureau, Public Health Division, NM Department of Health

Figure 1. Percentage of Women Who Smoked Before, During and After Pregnancy,

NM PRAMS, 2008-2017


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